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Technical Recruiting for Early Stage Startups

Growth is a beautiful thing.

We help founders find & hire the people who will take their companies to the next level.  People are "our thing."  We handle the talent search so you can focus on yours.

We specialize
in tech.

(Yes, tech is a big world)

Here's where we've hired most often:

  • Software Engineering—across the stack & at every level

  • User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

  • Data & Cloud

  • Mobile

  • DevOps

  • Product

Don't see the skillset you're looking for?
Talk to us.  Home pages aren't known for nuance ;)

Our mission is to make the ethos & quality of a robust, in-house talent acquisition team available to startups as a flexible, trusted partner.

TLDR: We go all-in for our clients.

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