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Growth is a beautiful thing.

We find and hire the people who will take your company to the next level.

What We Do


For Startups & Small Businesses

We help companies identify, attract, and retain Difference Makers. 


Our business is growing yours. Whether you're hiring for the first time or scaling up, we're here to build your hiring capabilities and expand your reach.






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Our Clients

Sandpiper serves startups and small businesses who are building with intention.  We've helped dozens of companies with hard-to-find hires, scaling, and improving their practices as an employer.


In many cases, there's no one on staff dedicated to hiring or people operations (HR), so we build custom, strong processes to lighten the load on your team.  We also upskill managers in how to effectively interview and support their new hires.


Alongside skilled contributors, culture & collaboration are the keystones of your sustainable success.  We take a deliberately integrated approach to understanding your business, team dynamic, and goals so that we can help you grow solidly.


Clients & Candidates Say

"In full transparency, I think that was one of the best initial screen interviews I've had in the last 3-4 years. You took your time, you listened for the right answers, asked clarifying questions where needed, and made me feel heard. I have a lot of respect for your process - thank you!  I'm looking forward to next steps and seeing where this opportunity might go."

- Nisha Parikh

Senior Marketing Leader, 2x Exits

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Our mission is to make the ethos and quality of a robust, in-house talent acquisition team available to startups and small businesses.

Tell us about your growth plans and learn how we can help you achieve them. 

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